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this election. guest: 26% of the state is latino. this voting block has been shown to hear a lot about the economy, a lot about education. immigration does not rank as the highest this year of interest to these voters. it is an underlying across the board thing. are you saying the right thing on these topics. it is 2/3 versus 1/3 that the voters are split on this. this is what candidates are fighting about. obama made a promise to address it in his first year in office and did not do that. he said he did not have time and did not have a cooperative congress. that has not stopped republicans who say, we can bring a comprehensive immigration reform, which is a term both parties defined differently. they are trying to make that a sales pitch. if you turn on spanish radio, you hear nonstop commercials from both sides. this is a swing state for the president and it is also a swing state for the senate and one of the congressional races on here as well. host: if we are talking with karoun demirjian from the washington son. you can call in on the republican line. we have a special line set up
talk about research and p.o.s. does the polling for one sub-group, latinos -- >> so you're the conspirators on the left wing of the polling. >> barack obama is ahead by 50 points with latinos. the question is, their enthusiasm was less than 2008. that is another aspect. >> my thinking had been, while it was mathematically possible for romney to get the electoral votes without ohio, michigan, pennsylvania, that was like a three or four-cushion shot in pool. is ohio what we should be looking at more than anything else? >> that is a good question. it is much easier for mitt romney to win the presidency if he wins ohio. i entered this election cycle believing that there were three key states instead of just florida and ohio. i would add virginia to that list. the next half level down is north carolina. clearly, governor romney is stronger in florida and virginia. those are very competitive states right now. all i know is someplace where he does need a significant comeback. fred's points are well-taken. for a lot of voters, the election started last night. if he is going to h
about appealing to women, appealing to latinos. throughout the course of the 2012 campaign, we have heard a lot about the strategy of appealing to women and latinos to eke out a victory for democrats. host: where are the traditionally democratic and republican areas of the state? guest: denver and boulder tend to be democratic. the fifth biggest county for democrats with voter registration is el paso county. that is typically viewed as sort of a republican stronghold, and it is. increasingly, we have seen the ski area communities start to turn democratic. host: a lot of headlines and focus on early voting in this presidential contest. does colorado have it? guest: we do and we have mail in voting about two million people voted early absentee in the 2008 election. that is expected to grow to two 0.5 million this election cycle. keep in mind that colorado has about 2.8 million active voters. about three-quarters of the vote should be conducted in colorado. host: on election day, how do people vote? guest: there are three ways, optical machines, scanning machines and paper ballots. hos
the latino vote out there. i want to get your take on how well the republican party has done this time around. guest: i think they have done a lousy job. we have marco rubio out here. instead of taking him into the latino sections of las vegas, they take him out to green valley and anderson. we need to go to the latinos. we cannot sit back and expect them to come to us. the democrats have done a great job on this. they unions push their members who are predominantly hispanic to register and vote democrat. the republicans have not done that. host: is it too late at this point for republicans to get that vote? guest: i don't know if it is too late. we need to get latinos explaining to latinos why the republicans should be their choice. i start to see that. host: let go out to california on the independent line. caller: i think all american citizens should be protected. what happened in benghazi is our military was put on alert right away and our president made our military stand down and not protect american citizens because it is political. what is really going on? it is a new world order and
of latinos being dependent on government the way african americans are, or his past, present. i am proud of our military service. it is part of why and how i conduct myself. i never called myself a hero. the real heroes are the men who saved me. every day i get up and i work every day to serve my nation because i have that to live up to. i have to make the most of this second chance in the life i have. the military is about the mission and getting the job done and getting -- and coming together. there is this a partisan vitriol that comes out. the chicago tribune endorsed me and said he is hyper partisan. >> at beginning of every town hall i have had, i recognized those who have served and i have called them heroes. they are. the point i have always tried to make is, this great country is struggling right now. to run for congress, you need to tell voters what you believe in and where you stand on issues and not just talk about your service. >> let's move on. we would like to make this a lightning round. quick responses. in terms of foreign policy, do you agree with the withdrawal timetab
out for the latinos and they need to let us know what exactly they're doing. host: chairman? guest: you mentioned the president did not do anything about immigration. he did not focus on the economy, deficit. he focused on his health care law. when you want to make the case for change, for firing somebody, you have to demonstrate that they failed. the facts are there. when you look at hiring someone, you look at a resume or their history. history is a good predictor of how someone will perform in the future. that is why we go through interviews when we hire folks. governor romney has a history of success. salt lake city, staples, sports authority, his business ventures. governor romney will deal with immigration. he will deal with our deficit and he will deal our debt. he will do it successfully based on the history. president obama never had a that track record. host: we're talking with the florida republican chairman joining us from jacksonville. we have a special line for florida residents. our next call comes from a republican in venice, florida. caller: my question, i want to
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)